LONG RANT [RE: RHEL Copyright Removal]

R P Herrold herrold at owlriver.com
Mon Nov 24 23:53:14 EST 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Bill Broadley wrote:

> Alas if you buy a AMD64 laptop, desktop, or server it's a minimum of
> $792.  If you want named, dhcpd, and friends it's $1992.

Goodness, such pessimism.  The new Red Hat pricing model
allows for you to avail yourselves of their release
integration for a long lived product tail, 'instant ISO'
download, and for various scaled support models (including
their 'up2date' tool for remote console administration, update
pools, and update scheduling)  Clever folks saved copies of 
the beta ISO's and are 90 percent there already.  Daemon 
applications simply don't change that fast, unless there is a 
security matter.

Buy the low end stripped model, and get the kernel and
libraries updates by RH; invest a week to learn yum and
package building and signing, and add whatever application
layer tools you want.  Or pay a third party to build them for
you, to a SLA you can afford.  

Owl River has sold such third-party services for years, as
have the nice folks of the KRUD distribution, the Wirex folks,
and so forth.  It's a small group of people doing this, coming
from both inside and outside the RH private beta testers
group; many are listed toward the bottom of:

As for binaries built by a third party are not on the manifest
for that package, the 'up2date' update channel from Red Hat
should simply ignore them, as it would any other 'foriegn'
package.  One has to assume their client is smart enough to
ignore updating non-channel content.  If not, you gain a
windfall (or maybe are harmed if it updates someting you did
not expect it to);  if so, download the updates from the
trusted alternative archive as planned.

I have pushed the development of yum, and published proof of
concept code under the GPL to use yum for some of server-side
functions similar to RH's 'up2date', and published added
kickstart integration, as well as for the more familiar client
side tasks.  Large parts of our work future will continue to
be available under the GPL our 'cAos' participation.

For those unwilling to read, experiment, maintain the needed
devel lab, and develop, I am happy to sell such services.

BTW: The RH exit from the mass 'free download/free
support/forever' market should come as no great surprise to
folks; I note that our page is untouched since early June
when this outcome was pretty obvious (and before RH formally
even named their new line).

-- Russ Herrold
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