booting from usb pen drive

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Mon Nov 24 19:40:38 EST 2003

At 04:51 PM 11/24/2003 -0500, Donald Becker wrote:

>But bottom line is that booting is no longer a hotly-debated cluster
>issue.  Essentially every current system has PXE network booting.

Every "x86, wired ethernet" cluster has PXE booting.

>Approaches such as BeoBoot stage 1 or USB booting are only needed for
>legacy machines.

Or for clusters built with some other processor (still COTS, but not 
necessarily "currently sold x86 mobo in the consumer/office market" COTS).

>  With x86 machines you can use PXE to do BIOS
>updates, hardware diagnostics, or boot the machine as a cluster node,
>all without touching the hardware.

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