Beowulf of bare motherboards

Alvin Oga alvin at
Mon Nov 24 20:10:39 EST 2003

hi ya

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Jean-Christophe Ducom wrote:

> I tried to find a link to a 'old' project where people were using racks to put 
> barebone motherboards (to save the cost of the case basically).

hotmail and google used those motherboard in the 19" (
racks  -- looks like its discontinued ??

- a flat piece of (aluminum/steel) metal (from home depot/orchard) will
  work too you know
	- just add a couple holes on stand off for the mb and power supply
	- or get a sheet metal shop to bend and drill a few holes w
	  rack mounting ears

> It was similar to the following project but was more elaborated (it was possible 
> to pull out the bare motherboards of the shelf, etc...)

i'm very interested in those systems ...
	- to build a cluster w/ just motherboards and optionally w/ disks
 	- power supply will be simple +12vDC wall adaptor ...
	- P4-3G equivalent mb/cpu

	- it'd be a good engineering challenge :-)
	( big question is what holds up the back of the "caseless"
	( motherboards and disks

c ya

> I spent hours to find it on google..without success.
> Could anyone remember it? Please send the link.
> Thanks a lot

there are other pc104 based caseless clusters

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