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On Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 12:02:18PM -0500, beowulf-request at scyld.com wrote:

> A related possibility is to use some sort of database.  You might be able

Yes indeed.

> computational possibilities. One database that I've tried out is mySQL:
> http://www.mysql.com

This is getting, way, way of topic for this list, but as someone who's
done a lot of database programming, I feel compelled to point out
that, generally speaking, you should never, ever use MySQL for
anything important unless you BOTH:

1. Have very specific technical requirements which you have assured
yourself MySQL is capable of meeting.  (This will be many fewer
applications than you might think.)

2. Have specific reasons why MySQL is a better choice for you than any
other database.  (E.g., you are really cheap, and can find a shared
hosting service offering MySQL cheaper than one offering PostgreSQL.)

There are many, many reasons why MySQL is usually a poor choice for
database applications, but if you care, here are two links to get you


But if you don't want to worry about any of that the answer is simple,
just use PostgreSQL instead.  (Or perhaps Firebird or SAPdb; but
PostgreSQL would be my first choice in any open source database.)

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