[OT] statistical calculations

Alexis Zubrow azubrow at galton.uchicago.edu
Mon Nov 24 11:38:19 EST 2003


A related possibility is to use some sort of database.  You might be able
to "easily" translate  the original datasets into one of the SQL based
database formats.  If you can do that, I know that some of them can be
accessed via python or R, which will give you a much larger suite of
computational possibilities. One database that I've tried out is mySQL:

I know that this can be accessed via python and R, as well as a bunch of
other programming languages. Though it doesn't sound like you want or need
to parallelize this, both python and R have wrappers around MPI code.


> > For various reasons outwith my control this is being done principally
> > via a spreadsheet (wouldn't have been an obvious choice for me, but hey,
> > I only know about words, not numbers).  Can anyone on this list used to
> > doing this stuff point me towards a GPLed spreadsheet with built-in
> > statistical functions?  or an add-in to gnumeric / OpenOffice etc.?
> > (I believe such exist.)  Or maybe a library of GPLed spreadsheet macros?
> > Please correct me if I'm barking up a wrong tree here.
> Ask on the GSL (Gnu Scientific Library) list.  There have been mentions
> on the list of people wrapping/encapsulating list functions in various
> ways, but I can't remember offhand if any of them were inside a
> spreadsheet per se.  It also depends to some extent on what you mean by
> "built in statistical functions" -- GSL has the basic functions but is
> not a package like R.  Which is the second thing you should probably
> look at on: www.r-project.org.  R is a full-service stats suite with a
> variety of interfaces including web -- hopefully somebody has wrapped it
> up into a spreadsheet of some sort.
>     rgb

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