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Mon Nov 24 04:06:36 EST 2003

> Actaully, I believe that ROCKS is based on RHEL 2.1 WS.  I've 
> used it a few
> times, and parts of it are quite nice.  The ROCKS guys have automated
> most of the recompile process, but I don't know if the 
> automation includes
> stripping out the RH stuff.
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> Jesse Becker
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Thanks everyone for your replies on this topic. 

I think part of our problem is that we're ideally looking for a standard
distro that we can use on our Linux servers and desktop PC's as well as on
our cluster. This would be nice, as it'd make administration easier with the
commonality between Linux boxes. Perhaps this isn't the best way of doing it
though. I'm beginning to think that maybe something like Fedora would be
good for the cluster. I've had a play with it and it seems VERY similar to
RH9. The fast paced release cycle wouldn't be so bad for the cluster, as
it's easy to rebuild and we wouldn't need to upgrade EVERY time a new Fedora
release came out.

For the other servers, we often run Oracle and we really need to run a
supported distro. The problem is, about the only supported Linux distro's
later than RH7.1 are "paid for" ones like RHEL and SLES. They do support
UnitedLinux too though. What would be nice is if there was a free Linux
distro based on UnitedLinux.

I've looked at cAos before. Looks good, I'd like to try it when a release
becomes available. Not heard of White Box before, but I'll have a look at

Thanks again,
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