booting from usb pen drive

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Sun Nov 23 18:26:40 EST 2003

It may be a virtual disk, but it's not a device with moving parts or one
that requires anywhere as much cooling or power as a real disk.
It also allows one to "power on boot" the cluster and be up and running
relatively quickly, even with a low bandwidth link among nodes (i.e.
wireless network), since one doesn't have to load the entire software image
over the net.

There are all manner of weird and wonderful adapters and solid state disk
emulators aimed at the industrial market, among others, but I was looking
for something very consumer/mass market (read cheap), since this is only
going to have to work in a lab environment, albeit, no moving parts and DC

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> >In my specific case, I'm looking for a cheap, off the shelf diskless boot
> >solution that is compatible with having only wireless access to the node.
> >application is almost embarassingly parallel (by deliberate design) and
> >goal is to show that "useful work" can be done with power being the only
> >physical connection to each node.  So far, the CF/IDE adapter looks like
> >winner...
> Forgive my intrusion, but I don't see why this approach is so very
> different from having a disk (sure, it's a solid state disk, but still,
> it's kind of a disk) and for all the messing with trying to install a usb
> pen drive in each node, why not just stick a CD-ROM in it to boot from
> (apart from size)? At least that's pretty much guaranteed to be read-only.
> But on a related note (and I *think* I have seen it on this list before)
> how about the "WEBasIDE" little gubbins which provides TCP/IP over IDE.
> even comes in a 2.5" disk form factor.
> URL is at
> for
> one of them, not sure if there are other developers out there, and I have
> no idea of cost.
> Simn

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