RHEL Copyright Removal

Alvin Oga alvin at Mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Fri Nov 21 19:15:32 EST 2003

hi ya neil/thomas

On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Thomas Lovie wrote:

> Unfortunately, this is not a trivial task.  I had attempted to re-build
> 2.1AS, and to get everything to build is quite tricky, since various
> packages have dependency lists that sometimes conflict.

i think that strictly depends on "how linux" was installed and which 
"versions" ...

dependencies are relatively easy to solve ... compared to the problems 
you folks are trying to solve with the clusters
	only problems in the last few (5) years that i've seen that
	couldnt be solved was a mix-n-match of latest versions of
	php, perl, mysql, gcc, bugzilla, mozilla, apache ...
	( bugilla would not work when some upgrades/patches are applied
	( and d/l the latest patches at the time of each didnt work
	( either..

	- most all other apps have all worked on any other distro
	that i tend to use ( rh, slackware, suse, custom, .. )
	( ie .. customers do not need to be locked down to a particular
	( older version and forced to pay $$ for it

knowing which additional "user application software" you need to have
running is what makes 95% of the difference of which distro to use or not
	and the rest os system tweeking and debugging and patches

- i think, imho,  "support" is the most expensive part of the cluster's
  TCO and the hardware is relatively in-expensive in comparason ..

- $ 200/server *  50 machines ( $10K ) is still inexpensive compared to
   hiring an outsourced "linux support"

>  From what I
> understand, building 3.0AS is even more difficult.  But there are others
> that share the same dilema, and much progress has been made on doing this so
> far.  You might want to check out this mailing list:
> rhel-rebuild mailing list
> rhel-rebuild-l at uibk.ac.at
> Hosted at the University of Innsbruck, Austria
> And also a distribution called cAos at: caosity.org
> (I believe they have a mailing list)
> Tom Lovie.


-- if anybody is local in silicon valley, and want to build alternative 
   cluster distro's using existing "free distro", i'm game ..

-- cluster apps that people seem to use 

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