Linux 2.4.20 + bonding troubles

Jeff Moyer jmoyer at
Thu Nov 20 16:25:58 EST 2003

==> Regarding Re: Linux 2.4.20 + bonding troubles; Martin Siegert <siegert at> adds:


siegert> There is not much you can do about this: If all machines that
siegert> connect to that network have two NICs, you can create two VLANs on
siegert> the Cisco and connect the first of two NICs of each box to VLAN 1
siegert> and the second VLAN 2.  If you are not in that situation (and we
siegert> aren't) the only thing that you can do is to forklift the Cisco
siegert> out of the way and buy a switch that supports round-robin mode on
siegert> etherchannels, e.g., Extreme's Black Diamond switches.

Note that a simple round robin scheme for sending packets can cause
performance issues as well if you get tcp packet reordering.  See, for


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