Linux 2.4.20 + bonding troubles

Scott Cameron scameron at
Thu Nov 20 11:05:29 EST 2003

Hi there,

I'm not sure where to look for information regarding this.

I've been trying to implement an etherchannel setup for one of my systems
and have been seeing varied success.  I have the first etherchannel set up
on 2 Intel Etherexpress 100 cards (e100 driver), it seems to work with
little problem -- the only issue with this etherchannel I have seen is that
the channel can not seem go above 100 megabits, while I certainly generate
enough throughput to go beyond 100 megabits.

The second etherchannel is on 2 Intel 1000 Mbit cards (e1000 driver).  I've
had the most trouble with this channel -- when I bring it up, the interface
begins showing CRC errors & collisions for Tx (not Rx).  However, I don't
see the collisions on the switch -- just the CRC errors.  

Both channels are running in load-balancing round-robin mode.  On the switch
I have the port-channel configured to do source XOR destination IP

The switch I'm connecting to is a Catalyst 6006 running the integrated IOS.
I can't see any errors in the log on the switch, and not sure how to proceed
to figure out where the CRC errors are coming from.

If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great.


Switch:  Cisco Catalyst 6006 (integrated IOS)
Linux box:  P3-1.4 GHz, 2.4.20 kernel
2x Intel PRO/1000 (driver 5.2.20)
4x Intel PRO/100 (driver 2.1.24-k1)
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