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Sean Dilda agrajag at
Mon Nov 17 13:50:19 EST 2003

On Mon, 17 Nov 2003, Jeff Layton wrote:

> Of course, I forgot to adjust for the memory difference.
> According to Mark, the 4G dual boxes on the Apple store
> are $5349 each.
> Nodes: 1100 x $5349 = $5.884 million
> Which brings the total to:  $7.972

Wow! That's over $2k/node for just a few Gig of RAM.  There's also a
chance that they didn't buy the RAM from Apple.  If you look at their
pictures site ( you can see that they in
fact modified all of the boxes.  I didn't see it say what was modified,
but lets assume they added RAM.  Now if you go look at crucial
you find they can get a 512M stick of ram for $93.99  Even if they
replaced all th ram that apple sent them with new RAM, that's only
around $752/node for the RAM, not $2349.

So, 1100 * $3752 = $4.127 million, and the total up to $6.215 million
(using your numbers).

Not as low as your first numbers, but not has high as your new ones.
And there are some other adjustments that could be made.  Like the racks
for instance.  I have heard of big name vendors throwing in racks with
large purchases, especially for repeat customers.  So, its possible that
the racks and maybe some other stuff were given away by Apple.  They may
not give the same deal to everyone, but I imagine anyone buying that
many machines at once can talk the sales rep into wheeling and dealing
quite a bit.
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