Optimal SMP Stucture for Opteron

Fred Ruopp fredruopp at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 16 10:44:01 EST 2003

 In order to build a 16 to 32 processor Opteron
without corporate resources; a high performance and
economic approach would seem to be a cluster of Quad
motherboards interconnected by infiniBand host channel
adapters( a la SBS Technologies) or ,possibly, a less
expensive RemoteDMA data transfer PCI card.
 This approach stems from the little I know of the
Opteron memory model; it seems that the Opteron leans
towards NUMA memory management in a SMP system with
more than 8 CPU's.Many have opined that Opteron's
current Hyper Transport bus becomes saturated with 8
CPU's on one board. The locality of each CPU's memory
seems to fit a NUMA model best
and, more so, as the number of CPU's rise.
 SGI's Altrix has an approach somewhat similar to
this. One distinctive feature that SGI has added to
the Linux kernel to empower their NUMA model is
process affinity - linking a process to one (or a
group) of CPU's.

 If someone with an intimate knowledge of NUMA could
critique this general approach for a SMP Opteron
system, I would appreciate it greatly.


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