Scyld Nodes Freezing w/ SMP (fwd)

Lombard, David N david.n.lombard at
Fri Nov 14 10:03:20 EST 2003

From: Alvin Oga
> if the latest kernel has no effect, than there's some other
> serious hw problems ... timing issues ??
> 	- make sure the kernel is compiled for athlon and not p4
> 	and smp enabled
> 	- memory clock speeds, marginal memeory sticks
> 	( get rid of generic no-name-brand memory sticks
> 		- swap memory sticks and see if the problem
> 		follow the memory ( keep good track of it
> 		so you can easily identify it if all the memory
> 		was thrown on the floor all at the same time
Instead of guessing, try memtest86 at

The easiest way to use it is download the package, copy the pre-built
binary to a floppy, and boot the node with the floppy.  It will run
until you stop it.

This should point to a memory problem if it exists.  Make sure you read
the docs, as there are some Athlon-specific comments IIRC.

David N. Lombard

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