bpcp with globbing

Donald Becker becker at scyld.com
Thu Nov 13 21:31:49 EST 2003

On Thu, 13 Nov 2003, Jean Paul Ampuero wrote:

> I am trying to gather output files from the slaves to the master node
> using the bpcp command (example: bpcp 2:/scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S001* 
> ~ampuero)
> But globbing does not work the way I'd like: bpcp tries to expand the * 
> in the master,
> instead of in the slave.

This is the behavior your would expect: globbing is done by the local
shell before the expanded args are passed to bpcp.

> Similar problem with "bpsh -a cp /scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S0* ~ampuero".
> Is there a workaround ?

To get the exact semantics of shell globbing, you must use the shell
itself.  Here is a broken-out way of doing what you wish:

FILES=`bpsh 2 /bin/sh -c 'echo /scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S001*'
for file in $FILES; do
   bpcp 2:$file ~ampuero

The clearest way to do this in a single line is to 'reverse' the
direction of the copy:
   bpsh 2 bpcp `bpsh 2 /bin/sh -c 'echo /scratch/ampuero/SCEC1/S001*' master:~ampuero

Some detailed notes about this:
 - By running the 'bpcp' on the "read-from" node we don't have to prepend
   "2:" to each file name.
 - 'bpcp' is modeled after 'rcp', which has a similar local globbing
 - You use you might be able to simplify the specific commands to not
   use shell globbing.  But using '/bin/sh' prevents misinterpretations,
   such confusing regexp and globbing: does ".*" mean all files or
   just dot files?
 - The command above relies on 'echo' being a shell built-in.

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