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Angel Rivera angel at
Thu Nov 13 20:52:45 EST 2003

Chris Samuel writes: 

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> On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 07:52 am, Angel Rivera wrote: 
>> Don't wanna get RBL'd?  Keep your system tighened down. Someone does not
>> get into RBLs by keeping their system configured correctly.
> This is rapidly getting off-topic, but this needed addressing. 
> People *can* get into blacklists without doing anything wrong, if the 
> maintainers are overly broad with their brush (such as listing entire class-C 
> networks at hosting companies) or because of malicious/clueless submission of 
> reports.

It is off-topic but... 

While I agree it can and has happen, I do not believe that it is that 
common-at least in my experience.  I am one who believes in expaning blocks 
to include large swaths if IP space where abuse it rampant. Our policy is we 
LART 100% of the time for spam and block that IP. If the ISPs postmaster 
and/or abuse does not work we submit them to (an RBL we 
also use).  if they do nothing, we do nothing also and they stay blocked.  
If we get another spam in the same C-equiv we block the entire C.  Heck, I 
block entire countries. 
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