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On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 07:52 am, Angel Rivera wrote:

> Don't wanna get RBL'd?  Keep your system tighened down. Someone does not
> get into RBLs by keeping their system configured correctly.

This is rapidly getting off-topic, but this needed addressing.

People *can* get into blacklists without doing anything wrong, if the 
maintainers are overly broad with their brush (such as listing entire class-C 
networks at hosting companies) or because of malicious/clueless submission of 

Debian blacklisted:

The Age newspaper report on SpamCop blocking entire /24's (and hence Politech 
and others):

Politech blocked 3 times by SpamCop:

Peacefire become collateral damage to a netblock blocked by MAPS for hosting a 
site selling spam software:

RFC-ignorant blacklists the entire 202/7 netblock:

Now note I'm not saying that blacklists are bad, just that there *is* 
collateral damage from them, and as long as people are aware of that and 
decide they can tolerate the risk then that's fine.

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