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Angel Rivera angel at
Thu Nov 13 15:52:06 EST 2003

Gerry Creager N5JXS writes: 

> Can someone *NOT* blackhole anyone? 
> I'm sorry Joel.  This is a hot-button.  I've found myself blackholed in 
> the past because I was on an ISDN modem, on DSL, from a University, and 
> once for an open relay... that I didn't run. 
> Getting out of the blackhole list is a PITA, and sometimes unachievable. 
> I've firmly decided that blackhole/blacklisting spammers/potential 
> spammers/someone I just don't like/etc. isn't the answer.  I've had 
> considerable success with graylisting, but that's not the problem here. 
> What I guess I'm asking here is for the listadmin to unceremoniously 
> unsubscribe * for much the same reason you asked for them 
> to be blackholed. 
> Blacklist/blackhole implementations are, IMO, broken at best, and a number 
> of the administrators of same I've dealt with are pompous juveniles who 
> can't interact with a human when they make a mistake.

Knee jerk reactions are never good-no matter what side of the RBL question 
you are on. 

I love RBLs.  They do exactly what they are supposed to do, block abuse of 
my systems from the incompetent (at best), or deliberate abusive (at worse) 
without having to add more of a burden to my and my users. Also, I can with 
a two line entry control access to all my boxes. 

Don't wanna get RBL'd?  Keep your system tighened down. Someone does not get 
into RBLs by keeping their system configured correctly. 

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