Linux vs FreeBSD clusters ...

Alvin Oga alvin at
Mon Nov 10 21:34:45 EST 2003

hi ya robert

- i truncated the long subject ... hope it didnt mess up anybody's

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> > good point ... 
> > 
> > - i think that "volunteer-based distro" will survive all the commercial
> >   methodologies ...
> > 	- commercial folks are out to make $$$$ to attempt to cover the
> > 	costs of marketing, sales, advertisement and analysts expectations
> > 
> > - voluteers do what they do, because its what they like doing and will
> >   probably continue doing so for the next few eons
> Alvin and Arthur,
> I don't think either one will disappear anytime soon and think that
> we've entered an era where the two can exhibit excellent synthesis.
> There is nothing wrong with commercial distributions, or commercial
> distributions making money, as long as they remember:
>   a) They don't own their product.
>   b) They are therefore at best selling added value, such as support.
>   c) This puts pretty strict limits on what they can sanely charge.
> Some of the major distributions may be forgetting c) just a bit, but the
> market will correct this soon enough:-) Or maybe this is just wishful
> thinking and some marketing hype to give their stocks a bit of a bounce.

yes.. thats the problem ... all the others ( the suits ) tend to forget
where all their new widgets tehy are able to sell ( at high margins w/o
any overhead r/d expenses ) are coming from

i always buy the full blown cdroms from which ever distro the
clients want to use ... ( my little contribution ) vs burning my own cdrom
of other people's distro

paying for "support" ( per phone call, per email, per task, per contract
is fine ... )

making everybody pay at least $1500 for a "pre-packaged product" is not 
"fine"  ( in my book, and lowering the "value" you get for it )

and unfortunately, if one big-boy does it, all the other equivalent
big boys or medium sized boys will also try to bump their prices
and try to compete with similar business models

when they see their revenues drop from too high a price, than they
might adjust their plans 6mon, a year later ... and jsut announce
quarterly losses for a while ...
	- wish i can tell the landlords and ISPs that we suffered
	a big $$$ loss this quarter .. so you should buy more stock :-)

have fun

- crystal ball says: "there needs to be a new generation of GPL licenses,
  that's free for non-commercial use, otherwise pay up..." 
	and there's 20-30 different variations of the licenses ..

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