Q: ATM Beowulf

Ariel Sabiguero asabigue at fing.edu.uy
Wed Nov 12 06:16:48 EST 2003

Rafael Angel Garcia Leiva wrote:

>Hi everybody,
>I am planning to build a cluster (around 300 nodes) for Monte-Carlo 
>simulation. I will run the same program, but with different input data files, 
>on each node. I expect that the computation time is much greater than 
>communication time, and that I will have to transfer large amount of (input 
>and output) data files from working nodes to the master server.
I might be quite optimistic, but it looks like you do not need an 
expensive network at all. All you need is a good file-server and that's 
it. if you are not able to feed the nodes with a single fileserver, 
maybe you can rsync 6 of them an each of them feed serve 50 nodes. You 
can have your own comodity-gigabit-SAN between servers and attach 2x24 
port switches to them.
Let me emphasize this: I might be getting a wrong picture of your 
problem, but it seems that it accepts jitter and delay. From your 
description I assume that there is no need for expensive 
I think you will save lot's of money and even get a better solution.


>Does make sense to use LAN emulation over ATM for this kind of clusters? Has 
>anyone experimented with ATM interconnections? Do you think is it 
>cost-effective today (specially compared to Fast / Gigabit Ethernet)?
>Thanks in advance.

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