Linux vs FreeBSD clusters (was: how are the Redhat product changes affecting existing and future plans?)

Alvin Oga alvin at
Mon Nov 10 17:55:47 EST 2003

hi ya art

On Mon, 10 Nov 2003, Arthur H. Edwards wrote:

> I think your point about newer package management tools is
> well-taken. I have tried the apt for rpms (when I was running the free
> scyld distribution) and it was clealy better. I have not tried yum,
> but I have not had enough (any) frustration with apt-get, and now
> apt-proxy, to make a move desirable. I also agree that my attachment
> is more to open-source than to Debian per-se, although after using RH,
> SUSe, and even turbo, Linux, I have stuck with Debian. I actually wish
> SUSe (now part of Novell) well, and I am sorry to see the demise of RH
> as we know it, because they are where increased user base comes
> from. However, I don't know whether SUSe will have better luck at
> generating revenue than did RH, and they may well go the same
> direction. It is that possibility that makes me think that Debian, or a
> similar, volunteer-based distribution may have the greater longevity.

good point ... 

- i think that "volunteer-based distro" will survive all the commercial
  methodologies ...
	- commercial folks are out to make $$$$ to attempt to cover the
	costs of marketing, sales, advertisement and analysts expectations

- voluteers do what they do, because its what they like doing and will
  probably continue doing so for the next few eons

*.rpm or *.deb or *.foo  or *.tgz package managers...
	- i can make *.deb break its dependecies equally easily
	as *.rpm would be barfing ... 

	- that if the dependcies arent installed, the app you're
	trying to install fails, or that if you use --no-deps
	than even worst things happen when you brute force things

my choice/methodology is *.tgz original sources, and run my update scripts
	- updates/upgrades/installing/patches are distro independent
		( linux, bsd, solaris, sgi, etc )
	- copy the old files FIRST into a date-stamped tar ball backup
		( you should always be able restore what it used to be
		( before the failed updates/upgrades 
	- merge the old files with the new configs
	- overwrite with the merged data and binaries

other cluster installers

c ya

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