Compiling HPL

Andrew Shewmaker shewa at
Mon Nov 10 14:34:23 EST 2003

Mathias Brito wrote:

> I trying to compile the HPL, it starts the process and
> stop with the following message:
> /opt/mpich/lib/libmpich.a(comm_split.o)(.text+0x138):
> In function `MPI_Comm_split':
> : undefined reference to `PMPI_Allreduce'
> I think the problem is with the mpi.
> Well I change the makefile with the
> Make.Linux_ATHLON_FBLAS with the necessary
> modifications. Did I forget something?


You might want to check to see if you are mixing
LAM and MPICH with "rpm -qf `which mpicc`"
(note the backticks) on an rpm based distro.

If it is an MPICH problem then you will get the best
help from mpi-maint at and you will have
to provide them with more information.  Read their
FAQ to find out what they expect from you in order
to provide support.

Make sure you tell them what version of mpich you
have installed and whether or not you built it


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