Linux vs FreeBSD clusters

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Sun Nov 9 23:21:07 EST 2003

OK, so let's get back on-track.  I *am* a RH user for my systems, and 
less likely to sway in he near future if Fedora pans out.  I went 
(somewhat reluctantly) to RH for its RPM capability, back when dselect 
had user interface problems (well, more precisely, its user interface 
was user-hostile) and Slack's package management was tarballs with no 
accountabilty.  SuSE didn't load reliably, and Mandrake hadn't started 
snagging RedHat RPMS and repackaging them yet.  debian has always, in 
its quest to be the "one pure linux" placed things where they weren't 
easy for me to find.

I am a proponent of the OpenSource concept and movement, but I'm also 
too busy to have to chase where one distro puts things, determine why 
another doesn't clean up after itself, and finally have to fight almost 
every one for some form of accountability in package management.  RedHat 
offered the package management piece at a time when that's what was 
needed to give me a little breathing room.

As one friend put it this weekend, RedHat is as quirky as all the other 
distributions, but I seem to know where and what the quirks are.

The change to Fedora has me reexamining the potential for change.  It'd 
be easiest for me, and my lab and other activities, to go to Mandrake. 
SuSE has a good reputation with folks I know, work with, and trust. 
Debian still hasn't decided where they're going to put pieces of the 
code, and while the distro appears internally consistent (all the debian 
installs I've worked with _worked_), I often have to customize things, 
and I don't have time these days to go looking for where someone decided 
they felt libs or modules belonged, in contravention to the rest of the 

I'm not so sure why you're so hard on RedHat.  I don't think I'd 
characterize it as the COBOL (it's an acronym) of the 21st century. 
Unless you're simply looking for a tag that usually raises the ire of 
scientific programmers who might have had to take a COBOL course in 
their academic past...

This tends to be a rather high-end group of computational expertise.  I 
learn a lot here.  I've been known to contribute a bit in the past (back 
when I got to do high performance computing instead of managing a pack 
of grad students who now get the fun stuff).  We don't really need the 
elitist plugs.  If you don't like RedHat, fine.  If someone else does, 
fine.  Just recognize that you don't have to use my distro and I don't 
have to use yours.

Exasperatedly yours,

Martin WHEELER wrote:
> On Sat, 8 Nov 2003, Mark Hahn wrote:
>>  and precisely what I'm looking for is any reason
>>to go BSD
> <too-long-suppressed exasperation>
> We-e-ell ... For starters, the experience might help get rid of this
> inexplicable: 'Red Hat Is The Only One True God' attitude you seem to
> want to inflict on the list readership.
> Doesn't really go down a storm here in Europe, where *real* Linux
> experts are automatically expected to be experienced with SUSE,
> Mandrake, Debian -- and of course, Red Hat.  As well as others.
> I'm afraid the "Oh, we don't use anything but Red Hat" freaks come
> over as being extremely blinkered, and tend not to get very far (or
> quickly relegated to the Red Hat niche areas).
> Autre pays, autre moeurs.
> (Oh, and of course there are valid technical reasons behind everyone's
> preferred choice for carrying out a particular task.  However, blanket
> dismissal of all but the reigning high-visibility sales publicity leader
> does not count as a technical reason for most.)
> Sorry; but too many remarks on this list over the past two weeks have
> been allowed to pass without comment, and have increasingly pressed the
> wrong buttons for me.
> As far as I'm concerned, Red Hat is the Cobol of the 21st century.
> </too-long-suppressed exasperation>

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