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On Mon, 10 Nov 2003 04:22 pm, Arthur H. Edwards wrote:

> I would be surprised, though, if after trying apt-get, you
> could ever go back to the rpm model.

Mandrake's urpmi is very apt-get like (works out dependencies, you can add 
other sources, etc) and works very well, and there's also apt4rpm.  I've used 
both (as well as apt-get on Debian) and they're very capable.

Yum has a good reputation, though I've never tried it.

Lets face it, trying to convince people that distro X is better than distro Y 
is an exercise in futility, and quite pointless as it all comes down to a 
subjective judgement of what someone finds more appealing or capable.

To me the diversity is good for the future of Linux, it means there's a lot of 
people with their own ideas that can grow and evolve and spread. The more the 
merrier. :-)

Of course all this idealism tends to come down with a bump when you hit the 
hard reality of will vendor X support product Y on distro Z, and how much 
having (or not having) support means to you.

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