Linux vs FreeBSD clusters (was: how are the Redhat product changes affecting existing and future plans?)

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On Sat, 8 Nov 2003 08:36 am, Andrew M.A. Cater wrote:

> Soft Landing Systems (SLS) introduced the whole concept of a Linux
> distribution - a collection of code more or less known to work together.

Not quite correct I believe. My understanding is that SLS is predated by the 
Manchester Computing Centre (MCC) distribution (the first distro I used 
around 199[23]).

For instance v2.03 of the c.o.l.a FAQ (27th Jan 1993) says on distributions:

   MCC and SLS are more complete systems that contain most of what is needed
   for normal use.  MCC is older, SLS includes X.

...and the Linux Distribution List says this:

	MCC Interim Linux is currently the oldest distribution listed on the LDL.
	It was started by the Manchester Computing Centre in February of 1992,
	after they made Linux availible on their FTP site in November of 1991.
	The distribution was one of the first to use a combined boot/root disk.
	Several distributions were based off of MCC Interim Linux, including
	TAMU, MJ, and SLS (which later morphed into Slackware Linux, a
	distribution that's still alive today).

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