Linux vs FreeBSD clusters

Mark Hahn hahn at
Sat Nov 8 11:54:26 EST 2003

> > > of SGE to NetBSD, too.  I hope to expand the awareness of NetBSD in
> > > particular for cluster usage in the near future.
> > 
> > why?
> I believe that NetBSD, even though is a very, very clean and clear OS
> with high-quality code, is much neglected.  It deserves more attention
> and is perfectly suitable for the task at end.

there's lots of good stuff out there; I notice you didn't state that 
*BSD is actually cleaner/clearer/higher-quality than Linux though.
and such a statement would be manifestly untrue.  the 'deserves' thing 
is purely an aesthetic judgement, which is perfectly fine, but not 
a reason to switch...

> >  I've never understood the evangelical aspect to *BSD (or for that
> >  matter Debian).
> Evangelical?  The entire Linux ``movement'' is based on such evangelism,
> much more so than Free- or NetBSD.

how strange!  absolutely everyone I know who uses Linux (MANY)
use it for purely practical reasons - speed, robustness, ease-of-whatever,
and sometimes simply because it's the most prevalent Unix.  wait, OK,
I do know one Debianista, but there's on in every crowd ;)

> > is there a tangible, measurable benefit?
> Well, the same as mentioned in the FreeBSD paper, for example.  If all

what paper is that?

> my other machines are NetBSD machines, then having the cluster be NetBSD
> makes administration an order of magnitude easier.

sure.  as I said, *BSD seems mainly preferred by people who are already 
committed to *BSD.  and precisely what I'm looking for is any reason 
to go BSD for the majority who already have Linux.

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