Fwd: Re: Linux vs FreeBSD clusters (was: how are the Redhat product changes affecting existing and future plans?)

Rayson Ho raysonlogin at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 7 12:17:23 EST 2003

Forwarding... (Brooks is not on the beowulf list)


--- Brooks Davis <brooks at one-eyed-alien.net> wrote:
> We (my department, but mostly different people then Fellowship) have
> a
> small 10-node setup (though each node does have 6 gigabit ports :-).
> I
> think we're aiming to upgrade to around 48 nodes in the next year.
> Our HPC cluster is currently pretty close to what's described in the
> paper, though we are up to 160 nodes and we're adding rack space for
> another 192 this year.
> The short version of my take on which OS to run on your cluster is
> that so long as it runs the apps you need, the best OS is one you
> know
> how to admin well since that's most of the work.  I've spent a few
> weeks here and there porting applictions or improving their ports,
> but
> by and large, most key systems are already ported to the major UNIX
> platforms.  The free MPI implemntations work on just about anything,
> the
> base Ganglia metrics work nearly everywhere (FreeBSD and Linux are at
> feature parity in the upcoming release), and SGE works on a wide
> range
> of platforms.  On an amusing note, we were the launch customer for
> Grid
> Mathematica despite not running a supported OS because the Linux
> version
> runs just fine on FreeBSD.
> -- Brooks
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