Cluster Poll Results (tangent into OS choices)

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On Wed, 5 Nov 2003 00:05:13 +0000, Andrew M.A. Cater 
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> On Tue, Nov 04, 2003 at 05:50:57PM -0500, Joe Landman wrote:
>> There are interesting bits in debian.  I am not sure it is necessarily
>> the right choice for clusters due to the specific lack of commercial
>> support for cluster specific items such as Myrinet, and the other high
>> speed interconnects.
> Dan - if I build a _really big_ cluster, will you get Quadrics to do
> Debian :)
> Same goes for any other vendor - if you ask them nicely and make it
> worth their while, they'll do it.  In many cases, it's only a recompile
> of a device driver to account for library differences, after all.
> HP use Debian internally, IIRC.  Some of the Debian developers are also
> HP folk - HP are potentially looking to support more of their products
> under Linux? [See, for example, Debian Weekly News for today :) ]'

Actually, we have quite recently installed a Itanium2 based cluster, using
debian, because we want debian. We got HP to do it for us, using the 
Compaq) CMU tool. They did some porting to support debian in this tool...

So, ask nicely (and put it as a requirement to let them get the deal), and
you can get what ever you want ;-)

>> Commercial compiler support for Debian (e.g.
>> Intel, Absoft, et al) is largely non-existant as far as I know (please
>> do correct me if I am wrong).

No problem with Intel compilers on Debian (alien do the trick).

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