Tyan S2880 (K8S) /S2885 (K8W) Opteron boards under Linux

Glen Kaukola glen at mail.cert.ucr.edu
Thu Nov 6 13:37:59 EST 2003

Konstantin Kudin wrote:

> Could anyone please share experiences with these
>boards under linux? Is it still a risky proposition at
>this time?

We have a few of the s2880's.  They were real problematic at first in 
that they'd constantly crash.  But it turned out that when I downgraded 
the bios, all of our problems went away.  Of course I also needed to 
install the latest 2.4.22 kernel before the machines would boot with the 
older bios installed.

I'm not sure what to tell you about the serial ata support, as I've 
never played with it.  Linux seems to support the nic just fine though.

Hope that helps,

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