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On Thu, 6 Nov 2003 08:41 am, Eric Kuhnke wrote:

> Quoting from a post to the list:
> "Another example is the Canadian Virtual Observatory that will require to
> transfer data files and stream instrumentation data of over half a terabyte
> a day (!!) from facilities to Hawaii, France and UK

There are higher rates on the horizon, for instance the LOFAR (Low Frequency 
Array) telescope that's proposed will reportedly be delivering 
multi-terrabits a second from each detector, which will need to be processed 
on site.

Part of a CSIRO webpage on the project, if it were to be located in Western 
Australia, says:


Specific technologies that would be developed for LOFAR in WA include:

 * The construction of a 6 terabit/second optic-fibre link from the heart of 
inland WA to coastal Geraldton. This is a higher data-rate than systems in 
general use today. LOFAR would therefore represent a non-commercial test-bed 
for developing technologies. 


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