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Wed Nov 5 12:16:32 EST 2003

--- David Jackson <jacksond at supercluster.org> wrote:
> News Brief
> Cluster Resources to show the latest advances in HPC
> Scheduling\Resource 
> Management at Supercomputing 2003 with "Moab" releases.
> - Unveiling of "Moab Cluster Scheduler" - Next Generation Scheduler
> - Demonstration of "Moab Cluster Manager" - Graphical Mgmt Tool
> - Early Access Release of "Moab Grid Scheduler" (a.k.a. Silver)
> - Maui Consortium - Great Advancements, Great Benefits, Join the Team
> - BOF - Birds of a Feather Meeting: Nov 18th at Noon to 1:00 P.M.
> - Visit us in the Ames Lab, CHPC, and Indiana University Booths
> Nov. 04, 2003 - Cluster Resources is pleased to announce that 
> demonstrations and overviews of our latest developments and plans
> will be 
> highlighted at Supercomputing 2003 in Phoenix.  Join us at a "BOF"
> meeting 
> on the 18th at 12:00 to 1:00 P.M. in room 16-18, and view
> demonstrations 
> and discuss the latest advancements in the booths of Ames Lab, CHPC
> and 
> Indiana.
> Cluster Resources will be unveiling the advancements being made in
> the 
> next generation Moab Cluster Scheduler as well as demonstrating the 
> Open-alpha of our Moab Cluster Monitor/Manager product that makes HPC
> scheduling a significantly simpler task.  Grid scheduling will also
> make a 
> leap forward with the Early Access Release of Moab Grid Scheduler.  
> Maui Consortium will unveil some of the latest advancements that have
> just 
> completed as well as projects that are underway in the "BOF" meeting,
> and 
> organizations that wish to be candidates for membership may either 
> approach us or any other of the founding members in that meeting or
> in the 
> above mentioned booths.  This year benefits go beyond at-cost
> development 
> projects to cover regular group training sessions, discounted support
> and 
> usage of Early Access Release software.  We extend our thanks to CHPC
> for 
> sponsoring this year's Maui Consortium "BOF" and for Ames Lab, CHPC
> and 
> Indiana Universities for their consideration, in providing access in
> their 
> booths.
> About Cluster Resource, Inc.
> Cluster Resources, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of resource
> scheduling and management software for cluster and grid environments.
> Our vision is to provide tools and services that enable organizations
> to
> understand, control, and fully optimize compute resources, allowing
> organizations to realize the full potential of their compute resource
> investment in a way that maximizes the service delivered to the
> organization.s most critical objectives.  Copyright ?2001-2003
> Cluster
> Resources, Inc All Rights Reserved.  For more information call (801) 
> 873-3400 or visit www.clusterresources.com.
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