10 Pb/sec? Re: IB vs Myrinet

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Tue Nov 4 23:05:09 EST 2003

On 4 Nov 2003, Patrick Geoffray wrote:

> But what about this twin photon spin stuff ? You send a photon, you keep
> his twin brother and when you spin the second one, the first one spin
> the same way a few thousand miles away....

Oooo, don't get me started on EPR.  All I can say is no, no, and no.

Can't describe relativistic phenomena with non-relativistic physics, and
you can't "spin one photon one way" and do anything at all to the other
thousands of miles away.

Time reversal invariance.  Generalized master equation.  Quantum
mechanics of closed systems is fully deterministic.  Measurement
represents classical interference (all measurement apparati are
classical and of indeterminate/stochastic phase and known only via a
trace in the GME).

Ahhh, my head is


> So let's say that Myricom's roadmap goes up way higher than 10 googooplexb/s 
> around 2030 :-)

Let's see, if we drive a truck containing 125 terabyte sized RAID arrays
through a big garage door fast enough to pass through in about one
second...I guess that makes about a Pbps, right?  So you're wrong, Jim.
We can accomplish this today, at least in a burst.  If we can afford a
whole line of said trucks, we might even achieve it sustained...;-)

All myricom needs is a bunch of trucks.  BIG trucks...:-)


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