IB vs Mryinet

Joey Sims jsims at csiopen.com
Tue Nov 4 20:53:52 EST 2003

Hello Patrick,

First of all, I want to apologize for my message initially coming off as
if there were problems dealing with Myricom in regards to your products
and/or customer service and it's user base.  Not so.  It was not
intended to be directed to Myrinet users at all.  I clarified that

Secondly, I do not want to use this message board which I enjoy
visiting, chatting with others, and learning a lot from as some tool to
sling mud back and forth.  Personally, I don't think that would be very
courteous to the owners of this site nor its visitors.

Moving forward with respect to others, I will keep this response brief
and no more need be said about it.

At least you guys are consistent with your "shock and awe" defense
reflex at the first mention of a competitors product when compared to
yours.  Friendly competition is good for everyone for many reasons.
Matter of fact, I've purchased your product from one of my own
competitors and he was awesome.  He helped me out big time.  For the
record, we still haven't found that missing card.... 

Be treated the way you would want to be treated.  I am not the only one
who has witnessed the show of arrogance and disrespect towards someone
coming to you for years trying to sell your product and be treated like
we just stuck you with bad debt.  We're just trying to do our jobs.

Have a great evening.


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