10 Pb/sec? Re: IB vs Myrinet

Keith D. Underwood kdunder at sandia.gov
Tue Nov 4 19:27:36 EST 2003

> Say you can run a wire/fiber/whathaveyou at 10 Gb/sec (working in powers of 
> 10, here, and 100 Gb/sec is just too hard to envision..)
> 10 Pb/sec would be a million times faster (Peta = 1000 Tera = 1000,000 
> Giga, right?)

Um: http://pr.fujitsu.com/en/news/2000/09/25.html
or: http://www.siemens.com/page/1,3771,228164-1-999_4_0-0-,00.html

Multiple Tb/s on a single fiber...

Of course, I don't have any idea what they are going to do with the data
when they get it there either ;-) (i.e. issues with memory, buses,
processor speeds, etc.) Or, for that matter, how they are going to get
that data out of any silicon chip...   But, I assume these are planned
for after we are doing all optical computing, right?  ;-) 


Keith D. Underwood <kdunder at sandia.gov>

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