Cluster Poll Results (tangent into OS choices)

John Hearns john.hearns at
Tue Nov 4 10:06:16 EST 2003

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Robert G. Brown wrote:

> As I've noted and will continue to note again, I think that we are on
> the verge of a paradigm shift in linux anyway, and that this is going to
> likely kick it over the edge.  The existence of yum AND apt-tools
> Instead of upgrading systems on a timescale with granularity of years,
> we may be entering a universe where systems are microincrementally
> updated nightly, with immediate feedback and repair, and with a
> user/admin determined lag relative to the primary repositories to insure
> a level of institutional stability deemed locally acceptable.  In a way


A couple of days ago you made a post re. updating mechanisms, where
you talked about yum, or yum-like mechanisms which would recompile 
packages to suit the target node, or something along those lines.

How about we think of applications along the same lines - but not
necessarily being recompiled.
In the context of a grid world, it still worries me that people are
saying that application Z will run anywhere - on some machine maintained
on another campus - who knows if it is even running the same Linux
distribution? (OK - maybe everything needs to be statically linked then.)

If I may, I'll join Bob in a blue sky thought. How about applications
being installed as RPMs? Then the RPM would have dependencies - 
application Z needs library-b between x and y. 
Could you then get a message back saying 'sorry - this cluster won't
support this application: it needs x-y'

Sorry - a huge bly sky here. But we do keep hearing about grid and
infrastructure on demand.

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