opteron VS Itanium 2

Daniel Pfenniger daniel.pfenniger at obs.unige.ch
Tue Nov 4 04:01:40 EST 2003

Jeffrey B. Layton wrote:
> Rocky McGaugh wrote:
>> On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Greg Lindahl wrote:
>>> On Fri, Oct 31, 2003 at 03:14:35PM -0600, Roger L. Smith wrote:
>>>> Yeah, me too.  As someone who just ponied up for a rather large IB
>>>> installation, I'm not sure that most people realize what a substantial
>>>> percentage of the cost of the cluster the IB might be.
>>> From all public indications, IB prices are roughly the same as
>>> Myrinet. Nothing new there...
>>> -- greg
>> IB costs significantly more than Myrinet...
> Are you sure? In the quotes I've gotten, it's about the same as Myrinet
> except for very small clusters (perhaps 4 nodes or less). In fact in some
> cases, it's cheaper than Myrinet. :)

I confirm because we bought such a 24 node cluster with switched IB.
The hardware cost of IB was 2/3 of Myrinet with better specs, but without a
software support as good as provided by Myricom.  For example the free
mpich over GM provided by Myricom correpsonds to $200 per processor if a
commercial MPI must be purchased.

	Daniel Pfenniger

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