IB vs Myrinet

Joey Sims jsims at csiopen.com
Mon Nov 3 22:19:48 EST 2003

I believe IB is a much better interconnect technology than Myrinet
period.  Plus, you don't have to deal with Myricom.

IB is about to find major traction in this industry and Myricom will not
have the guns to stop it.  As adoption rates increase the price will
decrease quite rapidly.  I've been working with Mellanox and Topspin
both using Mellanox chips but, their product positioning is different.
The difference between the two being that Topspin offers a more "value
added" flavor of Mellanox silicon with various hardware tweaks and a
more robust software package.  

It depends on how you're looking at the cost of IB.  First of all, it's
comparative to Myrinet in "cost per port".  Not too long ago, Myrinet
was higher in price than IB is today and they haven't came out with
anything "new" in forever.  Well except a PCI-X version when PCI Express
is around the corner.  Myricom has a lot of installations worldwide and
they are highly credible without a doubt but, this industry moves very
fast and new things are not a new thing.  At 3x the performance of
Myrinet, "comparative" is still a better value.  IB has many different
options such as bridging between IB, GbE, or FC so you could hang your
storage boxes off the IB switch without much hassle.

Up to 10GB/sec is fairly fat today.  The roadmap for IB has this
interconnect technology ratcheted up way higher than 10GB.


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