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Jeffrey B. Layton laytonjb at
Mon Nov 3 18:50:33 EST 2003

Robert G. Brown wrote:

>On Mon, 3 Nov 2003, Michael Worsham wrote:
>>Does this mean that we will all have to using WS or ES version of RedHat,
>>thus getting ripped a bit on support and updates? Anyone have a cluster
>>running on anything else non-RH based and any details for how to do it?
>Fedora, fedora, fedora.
>AFAICT, this is going to de facto be "Red Hat 10" (except that one can
>probably not say that because of trademark issues and so forth), but
>with more "community involvement".  Community involvement that will
>probably be a GOOD thing, by the way.
>Fedora will come pre-yummified at the core and will have RH engineers
>continuing to be heavily involved.  This is only sensible as I expect
>fedora to become the core of RH's development cycle, as they aren't
>going to be able to offer "rawhide" of any sort at RHE prices.  However,
>with the community really participating, I also don't expect fedora to
>be in any sense "alpha" or "beta" versions of RHE -- more like RHL,
>reasonably stable, reasonably supported, but don't expect to be able to
>just call RH and demand to talk to a systems engineer and get help.
>Which, by the way, one doesn't really do now.
>So nobody RHish panic, just start looking into fedora, maybe join its
>BTW, I expect there to be opteron support in fedora pretty soon as well.
>There better be; I'm getting a bunch of them...;-)

   Let me mention cAos ( It's a community supported RH
based OS built on RH EL (3.0 I think). It's following the letter of the
law in removing trademarks from RH EL and rebuilding the distribution
with some add features.
   If you look at the list of people involved, I think you'll see some
familiar names from this mailing list. Consequently, I think cAos will
be built with clusters in mind.
   Anyway, just a suggestion.


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