Scyld and MPI

Brett Morrow brett at
Sat Nov 1 14:51:44 EST 2003

I am running the latest version of SCYLD and having some trouble that I
hope someone has seen before and can fix.

I am running gm version 1.5.1 and Mpich 1.2.3 with the PGI compiler
(have tried version 4.0-2 and 5.0.
I have the SRPM for SCYLD for the MPICH so I can build the F90
compiler and it all builds clean.  The problem is I am trying to get a
model called WRF to run and the jobs all start as they are suppose to
on all the processors I specify by the np variable.  They all set at 100%
cpu usage, but I get no output.  It is like something is not being passed

Before I switched to SCYLD  (which I love because it solves so many
management headaches and is VERY easy to install on big clusters),
I was running a Redhat 7.3 with GM 1.6 and Mpich 1.2.5 and the jobs
ran just fine. 

Does anyone know what might could cause this?

-Brett Morrow
National Severe Storms Lab

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