Network RAM revisited

Richard Walsh rbw at
Fri May 30 10:02:14 EDT 2003

Greg Lindahl wrote:

>By the way, I goofed up my scaling in an earlier post: the amount of
>compute power used goes up by the resolution**4 (3 spatial dimensions,
>1 time). So going from 40km to 20km uses 16x the computation, roughly.
>And no, there is no current machine capable of doing 1km forecasts.

We have recently run 5km MM5 models of the entire US recently on our Cray X1 
and after the upgrades later this year will be trying higher resolutions. At 
full scale (1024 MSPs or more) do you think the Cray X1 will be able to 
deliver 1km forecasts in less that 24 hours? 

I am not much of a weather guy, but would like to know what you think.


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