Cheap PCs from Wal-Mart

Alvin Oga alvin at
Thu May 29 19:19:39 EDT 2003

hi ya

cheap PCs can be gotten almost anywhere ??? doesnt have to 
be walmart/circuit city/emachines/etc

$ 30	cheap pc case ( that makes the PC their widget )
$ 70	generic motherboard w/ onboard nic, onboard svga
$ 70	Celeron-1.7G 478pin fsb400 cpu
$ 25	128MB pc-133
$ 25	50x cdrom
$ 60	20GB ide disk
----	-------------
$ 280	grand total

$  25	oem ms license

mb, cpu, disks can be lot lower in $$ if you use p3 and pc-133 meory

via series mb w/ p3-800 is about $85 total  ( subtract ~ $60 from above )

same cost estimates for amd duron/athlon based systems

you can save the shipping by bying locally... 
and might be zero sales tax in some states too

stuff all that into a 1U chassis and add $100 - $250 extra ...
and take out the cost of the "generic midtower case"

and if there's a problem w/ the pc, i'd hate to worry about how
to return it and get a better box back or is it, as typically the case,
that they'd simply send out a different returned PC .. since its
a warranty replacement, they dont have to send you a brand new pc
like they would have to with a new order

On Thu, 29 May 2003, Jim Lux wrote:

> For those of you looking to build a cluster on the (real) cheap, Walmart 
> has mailorder PCs, with Lindows (a Linux variant) installed for $200 (plus 
> sales tax and shipping, of course).
> I just bought one of these for my daughter (with WinXP, for $300.. I guess 
> the MS license is $100) and while it's no ball of fire, and the keyboard 
> and mouse are what you'd expect for a $200 computer, it DOES work 

magic !

have fun

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