Network RAM revisited

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Thu May 29 13:16:04 EDT 2003

> On Thu, 29 May 2003, Kim Branson wrote:
>>Interesting, is weather forecasting limited by computational resources 
>>and not data availability? So if an organization
>>had better resources with the same set of input data they could perform 
>>simulations that would be better at forcasting than a less well
>>endowed resource?, or is it quantity and quality of data?  Are there 
>>machines capable of simulating 1km cells, and is there data for these, 
>>presumably this data varies from region to region, with some areas 
>>having more sensor data than others?

Regional-scale modeling is being done in various places.  For example, 
see the work of Lloyd Treinish and his group at IBM -- their "Deep 
Thunder" project predicts local weather using mesoscale high resolution 
(1 km) simulations, which get initialized and updated based on synoptic 
scale (40 km resolution) data from the National Weather Service.

Of course, IBM uses their own hardware (RS/6000) for this...


P.S. Weather model initialization from diverse sources of collected data 
is an interesting problem.  See the Data Assimilation Office at NASA 
Goddard ( for more detail.

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