Gigabit performance issues and NFS

Doug Farley d.l.farley at
Thu May 29 09:35:54 EDT 2003

Fellow Wulfers,

I know this isnt 100% wulf related, although it is part of my wulfs setup, 
but this is the best forum where everyone has alot of good experience.

Well Heres the deal, I have a nice 2TB Linux file server with an Intel 
e1000 based nic in it.  And I have an SGI O3 (master node) that is dumping 
to it with a tigon series gigabit card.  I've tuned both, and my ttcp and 
netpipe performance average ~ 80-95MB/s which is more than reasonable for 
me.  Both the fibre channel on my SGI and the raid (3ware) on my Linux box 
can write at 40MB/s sustained, read is a little faster for both maybe ~ 
50MB/s sustained.  I can get ftp/http transfers between the two to go at 
39-40MB/s, which again i'm reasonably happy with.  BUT, the part that is 
killing me is nfs and scp.  Both crawl in at around 8-11MB/s with no other 
devices on the network.  Any exports from the SGI i've exported with the 
32bitclients flag, and i've pumped my r&wsize windows up to 32K, and forced 
nfs v3 on both Linux and Irix.  After spending a week scouring the web I've 
found nothing that has worked, and SGI support thinks its a Linux nfs 
problem, which could be, but i'd like to get the opinion of this crowd in 
hopes of some light!


Doug Farley

Doug Farley

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