DSM solution?

Ryan Burns rburns at cs.ucsb.edu
Wed May 28 20:18:10 EDT 2003

  I'm looking for a transparent DSM solution. I'm trying to create a suite
of software that allows users to run applications designed for
multiprocessor computers to be run on a cluster. My problem is a little
bit unusual, so let me state what I need to do:

I need to be able to specify which node each thread/process runs on.

Each thread/process needs to be able to access specific hardware on each
node. For example, each thread might need to display to its own video

Each thread/process needs to read shared memory from 1 specific
thread/process which is part of the user application. So imagine I take a
user application, that I know nothing about, fork it a few times onto
other nodes, then each node needs to read memory from that original
process. So another example would be: I have a program that get gets input
from a user by some form or another, and then it displays a photo or
something for each input it receives, and I want each copy of this program
on each node to read that same input. I can't access that input b/c I
don't know what it is, but the copy applications do. 

So my situation isn't quite as drastic as it seems, I do know a lot about
the user app. I just don't know anything about its data types.

So far all the solutions I've looked into don't seem to do what I want.
I'm thinking when openmosix is able to merge shared memory apps, I will be
able to use some of their code to solve my problem. Basically I'm looking
for an easy way out. I don't want to write any custom kernel level code to
solve the problem if I don't have to.

If anyone knows of any transparent DSM solutions, please let me know.

Ryan Burns
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