Process Migration in Scyld Beowulf

kr4m17 at kr4m17 at
Tue May 27 20:15:42 EDT 2003

Hi, I am new to the clustering scene.  I have just installed Scyld Beowulf,
and have successfully added nodes.  I can not get any of the nodes to
process ANY information.  Their CPU status stays on 0% along with their
memory...  I would very much like to run a program called Ubench
( just to test the performance increase of the
cluster.  If anyone can tell me how to run any program over all nodes of the
cluster or inform me of how to run Ubench specifically i would greatly
appreciate it.  I have tried mpirun and it basically does not work at all, i
am not sure why.  If there is any information that anyone has or knows of
any documentation that can help me out, please respond to the mailing list
or email me at kr4m17 at
kr4m17 (J. Simon)


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