Opteron issues

Derek Richardson derek.richardson at pgs.com
Thu May 22 16:31:58 EDT 2003

Thanks for the info.  Just out of curiousity, what clock speed are these 
CPUs ( both crashed and non )?
Thanks to others who replied, BTW!
Derek R.

Andrew Shewmaker wrote:

>On Friday 16 May 2003 05:05 pm, Derek Richardson wrote:
>>I've heard rumors of an Opteron stability issue, but can't seem to find
>>anything concrete on the web yet.  Has anyone heard about this?
>>Opinions, experiences?
>>Derek R.
>I tested an Opteron 240 system with 8GB RAM running SuSe.
>The gcc 3.3 (prerelease at the time) that SuSe provided was good...
>I didn't compare it to an earlier version of gcc.  The 
>PG beta worked well for an f90 code I wanted to test.  This code 
>runs as a single process and will allocate between 5 and 6 GB of 
>RAM (that's the resident set size) when running our big models.
>The big model I tested completed in about 46 hours on the Opteron 
>compared to around 168 hours for a 750MHz UltraSPARC III.
>The system I tested used a Newisys motherboard and I was able 
>to crash it, but that was before it had its production cpus.  I 
>wasn't able to crash it after they were installed	.

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