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Well you have two option 
1. use 16 port switch to 16 computers and in this way connect 12 set of
switches than it will be 12x16=192 pc's connected if    you prefer you
can also save on wires by placing the switch near the set of pc's than
gon on connecting those 12 sets of switches into other switch so only 8
pc's will be left unconnected for which u can connect another switch and
connect that too with the central switch and  same the case with the 48
way switch .

2. this option will be less manageable I guess that you go on connecting
switches in a hierarchy and than at the end points connect your pc's but
this will add on management overhead since managing one level hierarchy
is more easy thay two or three level .

Hope this helps
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Hi all,

I just got to know what beowulf system is and found out that
I can connect the pc's up to the number of ports in a switch.
Let's say, if I have a 16 port switch, I can connect up to 16 pc's.
Now, my question is if I have 200pc's, how do I connect them?
Should I connect 48 pc's to a 48 ports switch, then connect these 
four 48 ports switch to another switch?
Please teach me some ways to connect many pc's...
Thank you 

Jung Choi 
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