Intel PRO/1000CT Gigabit ethernet with CSA (fwd)

Robert Myers rmyers1400 at
Fri Jun 27 21:26:22 EDT 2003

Donald Becker wrote:

>This appears to connect directly to the internal motherboard chipset
>crossbar, giving high-bandwidth access without (directly) conflicting
>with the PCI bus.
>This architecture does reduce the bus access latency compared PCI, but
>there will be no measurable reduction in network communication latency.
>If there were a Infiniband adapter connected to the same crossbar port,
>you *would* be able to notice a significant reduction in single-word
>transfer latency.
There doesn't seem to be enough documentation anywhere even to decide 
whether such an enterprise is possible.  CSA appears to be proprietary, 
so, Intel being Intel, you probably need a license to hook up to that 
port with an infiniband adapter of your own creation.  Anyone have a 
clue otherwise?   I feel almost silly asking, because every bit of 
evidence I've seen indicates that Intel is trying to create a 
competitive advantage for its own network silicon by giving it unique 
access to the MCH.



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