is this a good candidate for bproc?

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Thu Jun 26 06:33:27 EDT 2003

> independent computational jobs. No mpi, etc just lots 'o non-parallel jobs.
> ...
> I would use bproc+SGE to keep the 1 job 1 cpu efficiency.

We have something like this, and I described it here:

(It is a quick first draft yet uncorrected by any feedback, any
opinions/additions/corrections from any list readers welcome).

> Is it realistic to expect that any job that can be run using "ssh
> node1 -e ./job.exe" would run with "bpsh 1 ./job.exe", or are there
> code related gotchas (threads?)?

Most compiled executables computing something are just fine. Running
complex scripts or administrative programs and daemons on nodes often
can be solved by using more NFS mounts than is usual in bproc world to
get access to all the executables, libraries and config files.

The only nasty problem I am aware of may be the absence of support for
control terminal stuff on slave nodes. This stuff is one of the few
little known dark corners of UNIX - it is related to kernel calls like
setsid(2) and to delivery of signals to groups of processes.  In
userland this omission translates to non-working Ctrl-C and spurious
error messages from some interactive programs.

Best Regards

Vaclav Hanzl
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