Iwao Makino iwao at rickey-net.com
Sat Jun 21 23:55:47 EDT 2003

For those of whom interested for Grape(s) ...

There's another GRAPE(not MDGRAPE)

This is for Astronomical simulation ONLY but...
Is faster than earth simulator of NEC.

Below site talk about both

At 17:19 -0700 on 03.6.20, John Bushnell wrote regarding Re: [OT] 
Maximum performance on single processor ?:
>   Looking at some of the info on the Riken site who evidently makes
>these GRAPE cards, this sound like a good bet if pairwise energy
>calculations are really where most of the speedup is needed.  They
>give a peak performance for the 4-cpu GRAPE-2 as 64GFLOPS (ouch).
>Very interesting.  I've never heard of these cards.  I wonder what
>the approx. cost is?

I see MDGRAPE-2 costs shown about $17,000
#Not sure they include booster card or not.
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