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Fri Jun 20 10:02:44 EDT 2003

From: Mikhail Kuzminsky [mailto:kus at]
>> Is somebody who is using AMD opterons yet ?
>  We tested 2-way SMP server based on RioWorks mobo. But I should
>not recommend this motherboard for using: by default it has no 
>monitoring (temperature etc) chips on the board, it's necessary
>to buy special additional card ! Unfortunately as a result I don't
>have data about lm_sensors work. Moreover, the choice of SMP
>boards is very restricted now: Tyan S2880 and MSI K8D.

We have a small cluster of Newisys 2100 dual-Opteron 1U-nodes.

our NDA prevents me from going into much praise, but I can say that they
*do* have execellent environemental monitoring of just about everythinbg on
the Mobo. You can even get a live output of the current power consumption
:-) (which of course relates to another long running thread on the beowulf


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